The Pulmonary Pathology Society was established in 1995 to encourage education and research in the field of pulmonary pathology and to provide an international forum to exchange ideas and form collaborations. PPS encourages the highest standards in the practice and teaching of pulmonary pathology and promotes networking through discussion groups, listservs, forums, panels, & lectures. PPS interacts with international pathology societies and clinical organizations focused on pulmonary pathology medical specialties.

The PPS currently has nearly 300 members from more than 25 countries. Diverse careers and positions are represented among the membership: academic pulmonary pathologists, community practice pathologists, molecular pathologists, environmental pathologists, administrators in both academic and private settings, residents and fellows and emeritus professors.

PPS holds scientific conferences twice  a year: the PPS Annual Meeting at USCAP, and a three-day Biennial Symposium alternating every other year with PPS Symposia at the International Academy of Pathology.