The Pulmonary Pathology Society will be accepting Abstract and Case Study submissions for presentation at the 2017 PPS Biennial Meeting to provide pathology residents, fellows, and practicing pathologists with an opportunity to present original research to their peers in a poster presentation format. Submissions may include abstracts previously published or currently under consideration for publication elsewhere. Only accepted abstracts that have not already been published or are currently  under consideration for publication elsewhere will be published in the Archives of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine.

The top 5 abstracts by a pathologist in training will be selected for PPS awards. The best abstract will be awarded the Biennial Research Award.

Abstracts/case studies (including tables and figures) must be submitted by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The deadline for submission for  all abstracts/case studies is April 30, 2017 by 5 p.m. Central Time. Submissions received after this date will not be considered.

Corresponding authors (the person who submits the abstract or case study) are responsible for submitting financial disclosure information for all authors. Corresponding authors should obtain any relevant financial disclosures and the e-mail addresses for all co-authors prior to starting the submission process. All abstracts should include the following statements:

  1. This abstract has been previously published or is under consideration for publication elsewhere: Yes/No (if yes, publication details e.g. name of journal and date of publication)
  2. Relevant Financial Disclosure: Yes/No (if yes, details of financial disclosure must be sent with the abstract)
  3. If first/presenting author is a trainee: Yes/No
  4. All submissions need to be accompanied by a completed Archives  pdfAuthor Form.

All steps in the submission process must be completed. Incomplete submissions, including those that exceed the word count limit, will not be considered. It is the corresponding author’s responsibility to complete/revise incomplete submissions. 


 Specific text requirements:

  • Text must be prepared in accordance with the American Medical Association Manual of Style, 10th edition. 
  • For abstracts, the body of the text may contain a maximum of 254 words and must be organized under (and contain) all of the following headings: Context, Design, Results, and Conclusions. Do not use any additional or alternative headings.
  • A case study may include no more than 2 cases. The body of the text may contain a maximum of 250 words. It should not contain any headings.
  • Do not use abbreviations unless they appear 5 or more times, in which case you must spell out the abbreviation the first time it appears.
  • Do not begin the abstract or case study by repeating the title, and do not cite references; references will not be published in accepted abstracts.
  • Affiliations for each author must be clearly listed, including full department and institution names. Spell out this information; do not use abbreviations or acronyms.
  • List sources (name of company, city, state, and country) for all software and reagents.
  • Use conventional units of measure.
  • Use generic drug names unless the specific trade name of a drug is directly relevant to the discussion.
  • Retrospective studies should be consistently written in the past tense.
  • Perform a spell check of your submission prior to submitting it.
  • A single table or figure may be included. Note: a single figure that contains up to 4 smaller figures (a “composite”) will be allowed. Figure composites that contain more than 4 figures will not be allowed.
  • If submitting a figure or table, specifically refer to it (e.g., Table, Figure) in the text. Do not include a specific table or figure number (see requirements below) and do not submit a separate figure or table legend (caption); legends will not be printed.

 Table requirements:

  • Tables must not contain more than 5 columns.
  • Acronyms used in a table must be clearly defined in a footnote.
  • Tables must have a descriptive title that concisely summarizes the content of the table.
  • Tables cannot be submitted as figure files (JPEG or PDF files).

 Figure requirements:

  • Figure files must be submitted in JPEG format at a minimum resolution of 300 dpi.
  • If any text appears in a figure, it must be 12 points or larger.
  • Do not submit photomicrographs as either Word or PowerPoint files.
  • Do not add a figure label on single figures. If submitting a figure composite of 4 figures, add A, B, C, and D labels in the lower left-hand corner of the appropriate figure; do not include figure numbers. Figure composites must not contain more than 4 smaller figures.
  • Figures from accepted submissions will be published in the Archives at a width of 3 ½ inches. Thus, computer screen shots and other figures that contain small text are not good submission options. It is critical that you view your figures at a width of 3½ inches to determine whether all text is clearly legible. If the text is not legible, the figure should be remade.
  • Improperly prepared figures and tables will be returned to corresponding authors for revision.


Author Requirements

Corresponding authors must be available to respond to questions about the content of their submissions from the Archives editorial office, and therefore e-mail addresses for corresponding authors must be active and accessible. Corresponding authors will be notified of their submission status within a few weeks. Authors of accepted submissions must prepare a poster summary of their abstract/case study for presentation at the 2017 PPS Biennial Meeting in Chicago. The poster must be displayed by the authors during the meeting. All authors presenting posters are required to register for the 2017 PPS Biennial Meeting and to pay the appropriate registration fees. Information regarding reduced registration rates for residents are available on the PPS Biennial Meeting page.



If you have questions about the content of your abstract or case study, please e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. prior to completing your submission. Remember, submissions cannot be changed or resubmitted after the submission deadline.


Poster Format

Poster Size Requirement: All posters must be no larger than 4 ft (122 cm) high x 3.6ft (110 cm) wide. PPS reserves the right to remove posters that exceed the size requirement.


Poster Schedule

All posters must be on display for the entire duration of the meeting. 


Required Elements of Poster are as Follows:

  • Abstract: If the scientific content has been altered and substantive changes to the data and/or conclusions have been made since the abstract was submitted, the revised abstract should be included with a clear notice in the poster content stating that the abstract has been revised since submission.
  • Context: a brief discussion of the background or rationale of the study and/or the question addressed
  • Design: the experimental approach, materials, and methods used in the study
  • Results: the data and results obtained in the study
  • Conclusions: the conclusions and/or implications of the results
  • References and Acknowledgements
  • Disclosures


Platform Presentation and the Biennial Research Award

The top five abstracts will be selected for a short platform presentation. Please note that award applicants will be notified by email. Presenting authors will be required to prepare a 5 minute presentation and 5 minutes for questions and answers. Abstract presentations will take place on Thursday, June 15 at 7 AM and the awards, including the Biennial Research Award, will be handed out at the reception Thursday night.